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How Ice Sculptures can take the Cool Quotient of your Wedding Decorations Up to Another Level

Everyone wants a memorable and fun wedding, but throwing a great party costs a bomb and takes a lot of effort. Wedding decorations tend to bite a big chunk out of your budget. But, there is no reason why you cannot have cool decorations without bu...

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Making Chocolate Tastier: Quick reference for Chocolate Fountain Dipping

Chocolate is awesomely delicious on its own, but with the right kinds of dipping, nothing can beat it. Especially when you have a chocolate fountain going on. I am pretty crazy about chocolate and like to get my chocolate fountain going on every occasion.

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5 Budget Friendly Tips for a Wonderful Wedding Décor

A wedding is the most important moment of your life. You want everything to be perfect, so that you not only do have the wedding you envisaged, but also create beautiful memories that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, weddings aren’t cheap: they...

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10 Superb Attractions that Make Cold Countries an Enviable Place to Live

Winter begins when the rest of the world is still basking in the summer sun, and does not end even when the other ‘blessed’ places are already enjoying the spring. Long winters in cold countries are undoubtedly difficult to live through year after year.

But there’s a brighter side t.....

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Dreaming of a Star Wedding? Decorate it With Ice!

Your big day is fast approaching and you now have an opportunity to be in the limelight and make the world notice your brilliant aesthetic sense! Apart from those super-stylish outfits you plan to don for your wedding celebrations, the décor is t...

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Discover How Ice Decor can Make Your Winter Event Fun and Memorable

Hosting an event in winter always has its own drawbacks, but you can certainly enhance its cool quotient by incorporating ice into your event. In fact, including ice luge and/or ice sculpture into your event can lend a wonderful touch to the event without being ostentatious. Furthermore, an ice luge.....

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Use Floral Arrangements with Lighted Ice Sculptures to Create a Wow Effect in Your Wedding

Your wedding day should be one of the most magical moments of your life - a memory that you will always cherish in your heart. Custom ice sculptures are a really creative way to express your love for each other to the world and make your wedding s...

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Want to Add Oodles of Zeal in Your Sports Event? Try Ice Sculptures

Sporting events are filled with excitement, adrenaline rush and sometimes tears of joy or sorrow! Most fans who come to witness an event will forget the special moments after a couple of weeks. However, there is a way to make any sporting event memorable and fascinating. You can ensure people never .....

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Event Managers Now Use Ice to Make Cold Corporate Events Hot and Exciting

Corporate events often have similar ambience and feel to them. If you have been to one corporate event, you know exactly what the next one will be like. The mundane experience is often a deterrent for participants, unless the event manages to attr...

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Make Your Wedding Unique and Lavish with an Ice Sculpture

A wedding takes a great deal of planning. Getting the decorations, food and theme right at the venue can be exhausting and time consuming. And, even after spending a good deal of time and effort, you may still feel that something is missing. Well, you can add panache and flair to your wedding ven.....

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Create a Dream Ice Sculpture for Your Perfect Wedding

Ice sculptures have always been a staple at weddings. Brides love ice sculptures as they create focal and talking points at weddings. While most ice sculptors are professionals with years of experience and the right tools to help them carve the pe...

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Worried about Vodka Luge Melting in event? Here’s How to Make Sure It Doesn’t

A vodka luge or ice sculpture is a fantastic addition to any party or event. It turns into a focal point and also doubles up as an alcoholic drink dispenser. An intricately carved ice sculpture can be mesmerizing and spellbinding and you can be certain that your guests will compliment it and your.....

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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Setting Up a Chocolate Fountain

Merely the thought of eating off a chocolate fountain is mouth watering to most of us mortals. The heavenly delight in chocolate’s liquid state flowing through a fountain is nothing less than a fairy tale fantasy come true. When something sets h...

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Four factors to consider before hiring a chocolate fountain for event

A gorgeous bride, dressed in a fabulous wedding attire, steps out of the car followed by her bridesmaids. All invitees anxiously wait to get the glimpse of the beautiful bride. On seeing her in the best avatar, they start admiring the beauty.

Well folks, this is what normally happens in a.....

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Want to Make Your Date Feel Special? Say it with Ice!

Try this “impress-your-date” idea before it becomes common. A signature ice sculpture can be a most romantic way of surprising your date. Whether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s Day or the special day when you’re going to propose to her, an ic...

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5 Mesmerizing Food Presentation Ice Sculptures for your Special Day

Ice sculptures for food decoration are the perfect idea to glamorize your wedding reception. Have a look at the following 5 ideas that are easy to implement and visually very pleasant too. We also present suggestions on how these ideas can be suitably incorporated in food presentation.

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Quick Five Reasons for Elevating Your Wedding Ambience with an Ice Sculpture

I never imagined that a melting sculpture could become the most attractive décor element in my wedding. It overshadowed other creative decorations by adding something special and ethereal to the ambience. Are you hunting for interesting wedding déc...

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Crown Your Brand’s Event with an Ice Sculpture Corporate Logo

Corporate events are a time when you mingle with your employees and clients in a non-office setting. It is the best opportunity for you to step your creative foot ahead and make a lasting impression. In an event, where you are trying to project your brand like never before, you want to infuse the.....

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Impress and Express With a Chocolate Fountain

Chocolates are a fascination of millions. They have that unmatched allure, beguiling aroma and mouthwatering taste. What if this fascination accompanies you during celebratory events? I am not talking about stacking chocolates in dishes, but a cho...

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