Ice Sculptures in London, Ontario

Ice Bars and Martini luges are one of the most popular add on’s to a function. Imagine your guests walking up to a complete 7ft ice bar created from approx. 1600lbs of ice. As the bar tenders stand behind the bar serving up your favorite drinks and serving them to you through a bar top luge. Watch your guests be amazed as their drink swirls down through the spiral luge and they receive their beverage from the bottom of the design. A truly interactive experience. Specialty bar top bottle chillers cool the beverage and display the bottles in a very elegant fashion. The Bar can be themed to your function by adding Monogram lettering, Images for themed functions and Logos for Corporate functions.

Also very popular is a free standing Martini Luge. This design is approx. 3.5 ft tall and can be created to a themed function, embedded flowers within the ice, hold bottles for chilling and serving, Monogram initials and Corporate logos. Just another way Festive Ice will make your function and memorable once of a kind celebration.

Our Ice Sculptors at Festive Ice can design any ice sculptures of your choice, and we can also conceptualize custom designs based on the event and your décor ideas.

We would love to add the WOW factor to your party, and we cater to all kinds of events. Our exquisitely detailed, personalized and theme-based ice sculptures add to the atmosphere of happiness and excitement at :

Festive Ice makes having that unique design at your function affordable and functional. We keep it simple so ordering an ice sculpture is not a complicated venture and work both with you and your venue to ensure the best display possible. The ice designs we create for you will last your entire function: we always keep this in mind when creating a design. Watch your guests as they view the design, reach out and touch the ice!

We will work hard to make sure that the ice sculpture idea works wonders for your event. Apart from conceptualizing, design and sculpting, our services include:

  • Delivery and set up to your event location
  • Display tray to retain and drain water
  • Lighting to illuminate the design from underneath


  • Full Block Sculptures starting at $350.00
  • Ice Bowls starting at $150.00
  • Ice Martini Luges starting at $450
  • 4-foot Ice Bar starting at $1200.00
  • 7-foot Ice Bar starting at $1600.00


Ice Designs by “RICH”

"CHILL" for now... RICH