10 Superb Attractions that Make Cold Countries an Enviable Place to Live


Winter begins when the rest of the world is still basking in the summer sun, and does not end even when the other ‘blessed’ places are already enjoying the spring. Long winters in cold countries are undoubtedly difficult to live through year after year.

But there’s a brighter side to it too! Cold places provide a setting for amusements that one cannot find anywhere. In fact, many tourists visit cold areas just to get the pleasure of intense winter activities. Here is a top 10 list of fun activities that you can enjoy in cold countries only.

1) Cross-country skiing

Unrestricted area to ski and the beautiful white landscapes summon numerous people to cold places just to get the thrill of the activity. It is indeed a blessing for people living in cold countries to be able to enjoy skiing at its very best so close to their homes!

2) Ice Skating

A little hot chocolate shop in the vicinity and large grounds of ice perfect for skating – the scene could as well be reminiscent of a romantic Hollywood movie! Living in a cold country, you can have the privilege of a permanent ice skating rink to go to for an instant lift of spirits.

3) Build Ice Sculptures

In a consistently cold country, ice sculptures are a delight to build. They look great used in events. There are numerous professional sculptors to help you get amazing structures for your events. You can also learn to create your own ice sculptures. There are several tutorials available online. Besides, you also get kits to create your own sculptures of ice. Alternatively, you can have a nice time building a snowman outside your home and decorating it in creative ways.

4) Build a Cozy Fireplace

Oh, that irresistible old-world charm! Sitting by a warm fireplace reading a classic and sipping hot tea is a coveted pleasure. Being in a cold country, gives you the license to invest in a cozy fireplace and use it for most months of the year.

5) Ice Bar

While others contemplate the feasibility of ice bars, you can keep it up without any efforts. Cold weather weddings and other formal events do well with a stylish ice bar. In warmer places, they spend huge dollars on artificially creating a full ice world with ice bars in yours, you can have it affordably and durably.

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6) Ice Luge

Serve drinks from an ice luge anywhere and anytime. You never need to worry about the luge melting away! The look of it is a mood-setter and drinks get perfectly chilled as they pass down an ice luge. Like ice sculptures and bars, ice luges too have huge demand in events.

7) Sledding

Have fun going up and down the snowy slopes on a traditional wooden sled. It is eco-friendly, and perfect for kids and adults alike. Go for a round and you’ll be gushing with energy and warmth at the end of it!.

8) Winter Swimming

Winter swimming is a hobby pursuit in the arctic countries. Polar bear plunges are popular in Canada to welcome the New Year. Cold-water swimming as part of cryotherapy is known to have positive health benefits including lesser stress and better memory and improved muscle healing. China has over 200,000 winter swimmers across age groups, many of who compete annually in various winter swimming competitions.

9) Winter Surfing

If you have the opportunity, you can enjoy the adrenaline rushing experience of enjoying surfing in winter months. During winter, more wind is generated owing to an enhanced difference between pressure and temperature, creating bigger waves.

10) Snow Painting

This is a great activity to be enjoyed with kids. To begin snow painting you would require a few water bottles having a squirt top, food colors and some water. Just pour some water and food colors in bottles and move out in the snow. Using some creativity and imagination, you can create great work of art while having loads of fun.

For any day that feels blue, get out your gear and head to the snow for these fantastic activities. People from snow-less places will envy you for this!


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