Use Floral Arrangements with Lighted Ice Sculptures to Create a Wow Effect in Your Wedding


Your wedding day should be one of the most magical moments of your life - a memory that you will always cherish in your heart. Custom ice sculptures are a really creative way to express your love for each other to the world and make your wedding stand apart!

Wedding Ice Sculptures Cambridge

Why are ice sculptures the perfect way to make your wedding ‘cool’?

Ice has a beauty all of its own and is an exclusive way to turn your wedding into a luxurious event - one to be remembered for a long time to come! Maybe you think ice is a little too extravagant for your taste? Fear not, you can order specially designed custom made ice artwork to suit your preferences and creative impulses. Of course ice will melt at some point but these sculptures will help to create a beautiful atmosphere and can forever be immortalized in your wedding album.

You could choose a gigantic breathtaking centerpiece which will definitely make the eyes of all your guests pop out in wonder or you could choose to have smaller unique ice pieces scattered over the premises. Both are guaranteed to increase the ‘wow factor’ of your wedding!

Ice artwork that will make a statement at your wedding

  • Frozen Flower Ice Sculptures:
    These centerpieces look unique and elegant. Your wedding is guaranteed to be a sophisticated event if you opt for these.
    1. Ice Globe Centerpiece -
      This piece has its own signature style. It is basically a crystal ice globe that is big enough to become a focal point. You can pick your favorite flower to be frozen within the globe to match with the theme of your wedding. This one is guaranteed to be a huge favorite with the guests.
    2. Aphrodite’s Cube Centerpiece -
      This centerpiece is a little more contemporary and is basically an ice block which is about 30 cm tall and 18 cm wide. You can pick your favorite flower to be frozen within the sculpture to match your wedding theme. Picking a bunch of different flowers makes it look better and brighter. You could also choose a display light color which matches your theme to make it look more attractive. This will give you a gorgeous, artistic and modern atmosphere!
    3. Lotus Flower Centerpiece -
      This type of centerpiece lends an oriental feel to the wedding. It is lit by dim lights and can literally take your breath away. The lotus flower has a special meaning. It is often linked with prosperity, beauty, spirituality, fertility and eternity. You could choose to leave it as it is or put your own spin on it.
  • Floral Ice Picture Frames:
    A new and exciting idea is to display your wedding invitation with all its beautiful and carefully picked words and frame it in ice for that ‘wow effect’. You could also display certain romantic or sentimental items like roses or any other flower of your choice and surround it with photographs of the special times and moments shared together. For an added effect, you could opt for LED lights around the edges, casting a glow on this very special message of love.
  • Floral Monograms:
    Monograms are basically a visual representation of the first letters of the couple’s names. To make your monogram really special, have it sculpted in ice along with little flower petals frozen within and lit up to create that magical glow.
  • Ice Vases:
    You could opt for an ice vase along with an ice sculpted pedestal. By using LED lights to illuminate the floral arrangements in the vase, this type of ice artwork is a guaranteed stunner.

With these innovative ideas for stunning iced floral arrangements, your wedding will definitely be a vibrantly illuminated event to remember!


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